Wish List Wednesday

Product Love#1. My hubby bought me this gorgeous book on growing your own veggies in your backyard, as he knows I love having fresh produce.  You can’t read it all in one hit, it is for devouring month by month.  The tips are helpful and it makes a lot of sense, I really love it if you are into growing your own food!  You can buy it here: http://littleveggiepatchco.com.au/products/9781742611587

#2. These flats from Seed have caught my eye, coz it’s nearly Summer people!  Time to book in that pedicure methinks.

#3. I LOVE this chocolate and hubby spoilt me for my birthday and bought me a block.  YUM!  Check out the Bahen & Co Story (the machines they use are early 1900’s – it’s so fascinating), and find a stockist near you via this link.

#4. My Mum knows my love of teapots, and after my little mister broke one of my faves, she bought this gorgeous one for me, by Salt and Pepper.  So retro and cute, the photo does not do it justice.

#5. I spotted this tea at the organic aisle of my local supermarket this week, and I picked it up as I am so so so so so looking forward to indulging in green tea again once the baby arrives.  These teas are organic and the box is beautiful!  A UK company but you can find stockists near you, here is the link.

#6. This arrived in the post this week, my quote for the nursery wall.  I love it.  We have a Winnie the Pooh quote on Judd’s wall – ‘Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart,’ which I love, and this really caught my eye as something for our little girl that was different but still spoke of the love we have for her.  So excited for it to go up on the wall, our nursery is a silver grey colour, not this deep purple!!

What products have caught your eye this week?


Where has all the energy gone?

One busy week down, I totally overdid it (which you never realise until it’s too late) and I’m behind in everything again!  I am really struggling to stay awake and do anything productive, I’m lucky if I get the ingredients for dinner each night let alone actually cook the meal, do the dishes… oh and blog!

My obstetrician doesn’t have any miracle cure for me to get my energy back so I’m currently drinking Berocca and hoping for the best…  I know I should try and start juicing again, but that just seems like so much work to an already exhausted person!  Bubs is low (and stress testing the area!) so I’m definitely waddling and very slow at getting around, and my ob is thinking it’s possible that I’m already dilated a few centimetres, so I’m feeling a bit rushed to get things done before the month is out – yet it’s still not enough to motivate me to get out of bed!

What are your energy hits?  Are you a coffee drinker, or energy drink consumer?  I’m not a big fan of either…  I take multivitamins, but I’m looking for some other miracle cure as nothing is penetrating this laziness right now…

ANYWAY, my point is that I got nothing onto the blog last week because of the explanation as above but I am REALLY excited for the posts this week!  I will be bringing to you product love features on some beautiful gifts I got for my birthday AND I have a guest blogger to give you the ‘Must Haves’ for setting up and stocking your home!  Also a few meanderings from me…  So please stay tuned!!

A little quote of the week for you too…  This is based on the status I posted to Facebook this morning and hopefully makes you giggle.

Image taken from www.pinterest.com

Image taken from http://www.pinterest.com


Must Haves – Hospital Bag

This weekend we hit 34 weeks and it’s time to pack the Hospital Bag.  I hear from my friends all the time asking what they need in theirs, even for the second and third bubs – so here is my list!

Suitable bedtime attire – because you are going to get walked in on all the time and you do lose all sense of decency, but it’s so nice to get some new pyjama’s to wear in hospital.  You are going to feel a bit icky, so my theory is to put on something that makes you feel less like a beached whale / milking machine. It can also be boiling hot in the hospital or freezing cold, it’s never usually a happy medium, so think of that as well. I am loving these PJ’s from Jethro and Jackson, my order arrived this week, and although I put them aside to wear them new at the hospital, I can’t help myself, wearing them now!  Yup, click through to their website and get ready to love me some more, 40 to 50% right now!!

Mystic Gypsy PJs Jethro and Jackson Tiki Time Contrast PJs - Jethro and Jackson

Also clothing related for you, grab yourself some nice easy outfits, again, that makes you feel fresh, feminine and does not need ironing.  It’s not a hotel, so those types of amenities are unfortunately not existent.  I am totally converted after seeing what Kate Middleton wore when she left the hospital.  Bring nice dresses/outfits that don’t emphasise your bump or that you loved yourself in at about 5 months pregnant, because that’s the size you are going to head back to straight away.  You can’t go past asos to grab these.  If you are looking for warmer wear, I recommend Jeanswest.  They do a lot of maternity stuff, but there normal clothes always seemed to fit me as well if I bought the size up, which is perfect if you are wanting to buy things for the hospital to wear again now that you aren’t preggers!  Don’t forget that the bra area needs to be easily accessible.  If you think dresses and nice clothing is ridiculous for a stay in the hospital – I get that too, nice yoga pants and loose tops and zip up hoodies are perfect.

It has to be said that you need at least 5 pairs of undies, one size larger than you wear.  Black is good.  But not if you bought a bright coloured dress to wear in the hospital and you can see the undies.  You need Nanna undies, to match the maternity pads you will also need. (I like Kotex maternity because they don’t have wings) Full briefs are probably best, I like these from Target because they are nice and cheap and you can usually buy them in packs.

Don’t forget a few of your favourite maternity bra’s.  If you don’t have one yet, I recommend the Cake ‘Cotton Candy’ Seamless Nursing Bra, via Nordstrom.

Lansinoh.  Don’t buy any other type of Lanolin cream, and do not go to the hospital without this!  It is safe for the baby and will safe your poor nipples.  Which reminds me, I need to buy some cabbage leaves for freezing!

At least 5 rompers for your baby.  I will not go past the Bonds Wondersuits because that zip is going to make change time so quick and easy, and newborns get so upset when their little legs and bits get cold!  I bought 0000, even though the hospital will ask for 000.  Unless you have ten pound babies, your little one will still be swimming in 0000.

I keep saying five of everything, although the hospital will probably only ask you for three, just because if you end up having a caesarian you could staying in hospital for five days.  You will need more clothing for your baby, but highly likely, people will bring clothing as gifts.  Your close and wonderful friends who have had babies already will probably bring everything already washed, so don’t stress too much!

The hospital will provide you with nappies, cream, wipes and blankets.  Of course, you can choose to bring your own, especially if you don’t want to use a generic brand like Johnson’s and want to go organic with your wipes or use cloths and cloth nappies.
Here are a few of my faves if you choose to bring this as well…
Ones & Two’s Cloth Nappies 
Huggies Newborn Nappies (The hospital will probably have these – they really make the best newborn disposable nappies, mostly because of the line to show if the baby is wet)
- Curash Soothing Baby Wipes
- Bepanthen Nappy Rash Cream
- Bubba Blue Swaddle Wraps

The comforter you plan to give your baby, if you plan to give it to them at all.  If it’s a plush sleep aid, I recommend sleeping with this for a week or so in lead up to the birth.  Hats can be a SIDS risk, so I don’t recommend bringing these to keep the babies head warm.  

Bring your bare essentials make up wise (concealer a definite, mascara, maybe a white eyeliner to make you look awake, and lip gloss), your cleanser, toner and moisturiser, shampoo and conditioner, brushes and hairdryer.  Of course, toothbrush and toothpaste!  
No perfume as you want to smell like ‘you’ for your baby.
*Make sure your lip gloss is basic, and not one of those plumping ones.  You don’t want to be kissing up baby with one of those!

Phone Charger!

Don’t forget the leaving outfit for you and baby.  You will take pictures of your baby in their car seat for the first time, and it’s nice to feel special, even when you feel like you are walking to a world where you are completely out of your depth and/or like you just stole a baby from the hospital!

So people, I can still claim pregnancy brain remember!  So what have I forgotten?

Weekly Wrap


Just the general amount of excitement I have for my babies pending due date.  In light of all the news headlines this week my headspace goes from being unbearably excited to overwhelmingly anxious that she will be ok.

Currently Clicking

13 Great Things to Say To A Sleep Deprived Parent, article via Belly Belly.  Yes, Yes Yes!

Kids Doing Selfies Better Than Adults, for something to make you giggle!

Blog Love

A local blog by a Mummy of Two that I really enjoy, Absolute Amy.  Her favourite things usually become mine!


Currently devouring all the ebook recipes from theholisticingredient.com
You can purchase the ebooks A Nourishing Kitchen and A Nourishing Morning too!  So healthy and fab.

These Strawberry Lemonade Scones, by one of my favourite food blogs, Created by Diane.  As my son would say deeeelishis!

If you love all things Thermomix, the Thermie Living Magazine is something you need to get your hands on.  It is available at the App Store, all recipes are raw and healthy.

Fashion Fix

Gorgeous images and fashion pieces, quotes and musings – this blog is beautiful and so much fun, get onto it and make your day happier – theyallhateus.com

This amazing store, Coco & Lola, makes me a little sad that I wouldn’t fit anything in it right now.  I will be saving up and going to spend up big when I’m back to my pre pregnancy weight!

Product Love

BIKN sells a tag that fits into your child’s pocket, and let’s you track them in big crowds from your smart phone.  As someone who feels they need a tracker for everything like my keys – everything goes missing.  Check it out here

Recommending Reads

If you are a fan of the Outlander / Cross Stitch series, then you would be as excited as me that August 9 means the premier of the TV Series.  So Much Excitement.

Website Must Haves: Baby & Toddlers

I thought I would continue with the baby theme while it was still fresh in my brain before moving on…

Here are a few websites which might help you get through the amazing and wonderful and tiring and trying time that comes with bubbee’s and toddlers.

WebChild: My favourite.  This is a website and a free magazine that you can pick up at most local shopping centre’s, libraries or events.  It has great articles and information, competitions and recipes.  The Calendar of Events for your local area is wonderful if you are looking for different things to do to educate your child and be a part of the Community.

Raising Children Network: This website is a saviour to me, as I trust the information I find on there.  It really is a complete Australian resource, and if you only pick one website to devour when you are raising your kids, then this is the one I would pick.

Mum’s Grapevine: Find the latest products with exclusive offers for subscribers.  A really cute site for baby and toddler stuff.

BabyCentre Toddler: Get a week by week or month by month play on how your baby and toddler are developing, and what you can do to help them learn.  I loved seeing the games I should be playing with my baby week by week to help their motor or cognitive skills.  ESPECIALLY when I could say ‘Oh my baby already does that’ :) everyone is a proud Mummy!

Choice Magazine: If you are ever going to sign up to Choice Magazine, when you are pregnant or have kids is the best time I think.  They helped me pick my pram, my cot and the heater I have in my toddler’s room.  You know they have done extensive research and if they are recommending it’s safety then it will give you peace of mind.  Great for your household appliances too.  Who has the time to research these things the way Choice do?

It’s so easy to get stuck into the regular routine with Toddlers especially, of parks, colouring, blocks and toys.  Keeping kids hands busy and keeping them entertained can be really thinking outside the box (not easy in a sleep deprived state!), and this link via the Simple Little Home blog gives you 50 idea’s to get the motor skills working and their little minds working.  So clever!

My little man loves Play School and the ABC4Kids Play School Play Time app gets a work out, especially first thing in the morning when Mum is still waking up!  The ABC4Kids Website is also brilliant, the kids can watch episodes on demand, play games and create pictures and ecards.  There are even recipes.  Plenty to explore and do.

Being in Perth, I can’t go past the Kids Around Perth website, which shows everything you can do in Perth right now with your littlies.  From details on your local parks, to events like the recent Toddlerfest, this site has A LOT of information when you are looking to do something different.  I’m not going to lie, I love the website, but I do not think the app in the app store is worth it.

Let’s be honest, it’s hard getting to the supermarket or shops some days.  Most days.  Always.  Delivery is a lifesaver, and sites like Woolies and Coles which offer delivery of your groceries, Grocery Run which offers great specials, and Mumgo for all of the nursery bits and bobs have made life much more enjoyable and much less stressful!

Be careful which stores you choose to buy products from online.  I have seen my girlfriends go through the stress of not getting a product because the website they chose wasn’t reputable.  Before you buy anything, google the website and check if it’s had any negative reviews.  Then decide for yourself if you want to take that risk.  A website I think is great for buying big ticket items is Baby Kingdom.  They have regular sales.

There are a few shopping websites that I can’t go past for kids fashion, both practical and fun!
Bonds.  Free shipping and their wondersuits with the double zip are a MUST HAVE.
Lime Tree Kids. This just has everything kiddie friendly and beautiful.  Great for gift inspiration too!
Book Depository.  Pick up some amazing kids books that can be hard to find in the stores, cheap and free shipping!
– I think I would buy the whole store if I could – Seed Heritage.
– Everything you can think of for kids, Australian and free shipping, you will love this site – http://www.notinshops.com.au
 I love wooden toys, and I think Pottery Barn does them best…  Check out these gorgeous wooden appliances for kids…  (If you are local to me, Henry Hiccups in Leederville is the next best thing)
– Another place that feels like shopping heaven – http://www.landofnod.com
 I am a bit obsessed with the current kids bedroom range from Cotton On Kids.
– Not fashion, but for your babe’s skin and health, I recommend getting an Arbonne representative and get onto the ABC Hair and Body Wash.  These products are paraben free, contain no toxins and are pure and safe to put your mind at ease.

Don’t forget to pick up the free magazine’s that are usually outside your local shopping centre’s (usually IGA’s) like Offspring and WebChild (as first mentioned) to keep you in the loop.

I will keep adding to this page I’m sure, I am continually becoming obsessed with more and more kids sites!  You can always check out my Product Love Board or the Mum and Domestic Housewifey Board Pinterest, I’m always putting the stuff I find there first.

Wish List Wednesday

Wish List Wednesday


1. Christian Louboutin Pointe Shoes.  Aren’t these to die!  Supposedly he made them for Dita Von Teese.  Jealous!
2. I saw this via Pinterest and I really love the burners on the Kitchen bench.  Wonder how they would look after a few months of being used though!
3. Hoping this ships in time for the hospital – Cake Cotton Candy Seamless Nursing Bra, via Nordstrom.
4. Have I put this on my wish list before?  The Scizza Pizza Scissors, via Amazon.
5. So tempted to have a little Happy Birthday to Me as this Waterfall Coat is on sale, via DecJuba.  I am in love with it…
6. Want to get this for Mark and bubba – via Etsy.
7. This Petticoat will be so cute for a baby photo shoot yes!?  Via Etsy.
8. I want this shirt to sleep in.  Via Thug Life.

What is on your wish list this week?

Must Haves – Emergency Car Pack

I recently started (as in I have totally written one, and have about twelve drafts waiting to be finished!) a Must Have Series, mostly for all the websites I sign up to in different categories – like babies, toddlers, food, shopping, etc, etc.

Right now, as part of my Operation Nesting: MUST ORGANISE ALL THE THINGS – I have started an Emergency Car Pack, and seriously need your help as to what you think should be added!  What have you needed while you were out and about and wished you’d had tucked away in a trusty emergency kit in your car?

- First Aid Kit
– Nappies (disposable and cloth)
– Wipes (baby and anti-bacterial)
– Tissues and Paper Towel
– Lint Brush
– Bibs
– Towels (for each family member)
– One outfit for each child (including singlets, socks and jackets)
– Reading Books, Colouring In Books & Crayons
– Outdoor Toys
– Sunscreen and Bug Spray
– Rubbish bags
– Blankets
– Muslin Wrap / Burp Cloths
– Bottle of Water (for each family member)

I haven’t added any food items or formula because I always have these with me in my nappy bag, and I think keeping them in the car in all types of weather for a long period of time not entirely safe. 

Would love your thoughts on this, as I want to make the Mother of all packs.  I’m finding Pinterest, my usually trusty resource for these kind of things, a bit lacking!  Now to find the perfect container to store everything in!  Images below taken from the www.parenting.com website.

Images taken from www.parenting.com.au

Images taken from http://www.parenting.com.au