Recipe: Honey Joys (Cooking with Kids)

I have always loved Honey Joys at kid’s birthday parties!  Yup, I’m always there, pinching one.  Well, pinching a few :)

My son loves Play School and one of the cooking features in ‘Mini Beasts’ week, was Teo making Honey Joys.  (Yes we know all the presenters names and each weekly theme!)  I was rapt with how easy the recipe looked, how almost healthy it seemed and how my little man just took everything in and was busting to make them in the kitchen!  He watched the episode over and over, and ended up being able to recite the segment word for word.

So here is the recipe, made by my little chef (Mr not even 2 yet – excuse the bed hair.)

90 grams butter
1/3 cup sugar
1 tablespoon honey
4 cups corn flakes

– In a small saucepan over low heat, melt the butter with the honey and sugar, until the mixture becomes frothy.
– Pour the mixture over four cups of corn flakes in a bowl, and stir together.

– Spoon mixture into patty pans (makes 12 large patty pans, would make about 16 small.)

Honey Joys
- A sneaky taste…

- And place in the oven at 150 degrees celsius for 10 minutes

Allow to cool and voilà!  Almost a quick breakfast alternative… almost?

Tracking My Babies Growth – Eloise – Month Two

This Month has seen…
– 5.125kgs and 59cms long!
– Still fitting into 0000 but she will soon be fitting the 000’s well
– Such a happy, placid little girl.  She loves to be talked to and talk back, and the giggles!  My goodness we just love our chats.
– So much sleep.  Please, please let this continue.  Ellie is currently sleeping for most of the day, and does a big stint from about 8pm to 4am.  I can’t believe the difference it makes to your day when you are not awake at 2am.  The ability to function.  It is amazing.  To put this into perspective, reading back on Judd’s two month post, he was doing a ‘big’ sleep for four hours, around 3 to 7pm.  He would then wake up every two hours at best.  Usually he was up every hour on the hour.  So fingers cross this continues.
– If she is awake in the car their are tears as soon as the car stops at the traffic light… we like to move!  Judd was exactly the same.
– Usually self settles.  We have had just had two leaps however and that was a different story.
– Loves her bunny bear, which she talks to and also eats its nose.
– Loves if you blow on her face.  My Mum told me it was an old wives tale that this causes a stutter!
– Allows Mummy’s obsession with headbands.  YAY!



And that was October…

I always do a round up of pics at the end of each month via Instagram, with the hashtag #eachmonthintheyear.  Don’t steal it now will you?!  Going through my camera roll to do this, and then taking a trip down my instagram reel, I realised October is a pretty significant month evolving around babies!

In October 2011 I first broached the subject of having our own little baby to my husby.  He was all like ‘HELL NO!’ haha, and I tried to put babies to the back of my mind, with little success – as my beautiful niece Blake was born, and I got even more clucky than before! Luckily for me, Husband wanted to start trying for a baby not long after, and luckily enough, although we didn’t know at the time – we were already pregnant!
In October 2012 I was lucky enough to be six months pregnant with my first born, Judd.
In October 2013 I was finishing up my stint of breastfeeding, and getting desperately clucky for our second.
In October 2014 I am nursing our newborn to sleep, Eloise.
In October 2015, I plan to make it not so baby focused! May wait a bit longer between babies next time :)

PicMonkey Collage

Do you have months like that, that make you think back to the years gone by?  Maybe your wedding?  Our wedding anniversary is the same anniversary that we originally started dating, so I’m always thinking about anniversary presents and celebrations from years gone by too. And given that we got together over 12 years ago now, that’s a lot of thinking. Would love to hear which months mean something to you and why!

Get Creative: Halloween Crafts

Halloween is fast approaching – and it is my fave holiday!

I just thought I would do a quick post on a few Halloween crafts you can do with your kiddies, that we did this year.

Thank goodness for Pinterest, they have the best idea’s!

We did these crafts with our Mother’s Group, and it worked really, really well.  So easy to get some orange card, a black and white marker, and draw a web on one piece and the text on another.  Then, some black paint on hands and feet, press the hands on the card like a spider and add some googly eyes!  Love keeping track of little mister’s growth this way…

Now, time to work out the costumes for the babes.  With an almost two-year old and a 6 week old, I’m excited!  What are your littlies dressing up as this year?






If you follow me on Instagram you will know I am gradually getting more and more obsessed with the thing.  It is my new fave place to be on Social Media, even though I have been ‘gramming’ for about three years!

I’ve started what I like to call an ‘Instagram Journey’ – where you go onto one of your favourite pages, check out who they follow, follow the people there you like, and then check out who they follow etc. etc.  It’s a long, dangerous process (for wasting time and for my credit card) but there are so many beautiful pictures, blogs and products out there, I just can’t get enough of them all.

So I am starting a little intervention of my own.  I really need to stop my Instagramming Time-a-Wasting.  So each Monday I am proposing a #spreadthelovegram.  Upload any picture you want with the hashtag #AWLspreadthelovegram.  Tag your favourite top three Instagram Accounts, and then tag three of your followers or people you follow to do the same.  They can be the same people you tagged as being your favourite instagram accounts, or three entirely different people.

I will do this every Monday.  You can check out my instagram account for the first A Woman’s Lifestyle Spread the Love Gram via http://www.instagram/awomansinstalifestyle
Please feel free to join in too!  You can do this each week as well or you can just wait until you are tagged again, as a fave account, or to send out your faves again.

What better way to start the working week than to look at beautiful Instagram pages.  I think I’m onto something here…  :)


Website Love: We LOVE Lil Pickles!

It’s time to spread some love, and this website deserves more than a little feature in my Weekly Wrap.

I was so excited to have a little boy, as ever since I was little I always wanted to have a boy first.  Shopping for boys these days isn’t what it used to be, as there is more variety and you can get some really cute pieces, and I really enjoyed dressing my little man in the latest clothes, or making him into a mini version of his Daddy.

And then I had a girl – and a whole new world of fashion opened up before eyes!  Accessories were no longer hats and shoes, but hair clips, head bands, bows, fedora’s, sun hats, fascinators, sandals, ballet slippers and boots, frilly socks and leg warmers.

And you can find all this on the stunning Lil Pickles website!  It is heaven for a Mum with a little girl in her life, or for Aunties to shop up a storm, which I also did!

Lil Pickles is an online store dedicated to absolutely GORGEOUS handmade items for your little ones.  Sizes range from newborn (including prem) right up to toddlers and even older boys and girls.  The hair accessories are drool worthy and the other items will make you ooo and ahhhh like you are at a baby shower!  They make beautiful gifts, or a great excuse to spoil yourself and your little ones, it is a site to bookmark.  Even if it’s just to gasp at how beautiful the creator’s little girls are – their picture is on the home page.  Have you ever seen such beautiful little girls in your life!?

I placed an order recently and was blown away by the service.  The website was easy to use, the response was immediate, and then when the items actually arrived it was like Christmas.  Every item is in quality condition.  Take a look at just some of the items you can purchase…


Every girl needs a Lil Pickles Fedora for Summer :)


My little girl wearing her new Lil Pickles headband!


The happy cloud cushion makes me happy and brightens up Ellie’s nursery. I am excited to move her cot out of our bedroom and into her room, so I can decorate it with this.


The most gorgeous shoes, and tiny little hair clips… Getting excited for Ellie’s hair to grow!

Judd Hat

Judd loving his new hat. Spunk!

Make sure you check out their website –

Perfect to shop up a storm just as Christmas starts appearing around the corner.

You can become a fan on Facebook here.

Lil Pickles will also be at the Baby and Kids Market at Warwick Leisure Centre – Tomorrow!  October 26th.  Details can be found here.

Happy Shopping :)