And that was October…

I always do a round up of pics at the end of each month via Instagram, with the hashtag #eachmonthintheyear.  Don’t steal it now will you?!  Going through my camera roll to do this, and then taking a trip down my instagram reel, I realised October is a pretty significant month evolving around babies!

In October 2011 I first broached the subject of having our own little baby to my husby.  He was all like ‘HELL NO!’ haha, and I tried to put babies to the back of my mind, with little success – as my beautiful niece Blake was born, and I got even more clucky than before! Luckily for me, Husband wanted to start trying for a baby not long after, and luckily enough, although we didn’t know at the time – we were already pregnant!
In October 2012 I was lucky enough to be six months pregnant with my first born, Judd.
In October 2013 I was finishing up my stint of breastfeeding, and getting desperately clucky for our second.
In October 2014 I am nursing our newborn to sleep, Eloise.
In October 2015, I plan to make it not so baby focused! May wait a bit longer between babies next time :)

PicMonkey Collage

Do you have months like that, that make you think back to the years gone by?  Maybe your wedding?  Our wedding anniversary is the same anniversary that we originally started dating, so I’m always thinking about anniversary presents and celebrations from years gone by too. And given that we got together over 12 years ago now, that’s a lot of thinking. Would love to hear which months mean something to you and why!

Get Creative: Halloween Crafts

Halloween is fast approaching – and it is my fave holiday!

I just thought I would do a quick post on a few Halloween crafts you can do with your kiddies, that we did this year.

Thank goodness for Pinterest, they have the best idea’s!

We did these crafts with our Mother’s Group, and it worked really, really well.  So easy to get some orange card, a black and white marker, and draw a web on one piece and the text on another.  Then, some black paint on hands and feet, press the hands on the card like a spider and add some googly eyes!  Love keeping track of little mister’s growth this way…

Now, time to work out the costumes for the babes.  With an almost two-year old and a 6 week old, I’m excited!  What are your littlies dressing up as this year?






If you follow me on Instagram you will know I am gradually getting more and more obsessed with the thing.  It is my new fave place to be on Social Media, even though I have been ‘gramming’ for about three years!

I’ve started what I like to call an ‘Instagram Journey’ – where you go onto one of your favourite pages, check out who they follow, follow the people there you like, and then check out who they follow etc. etc.  It’s a long, dangerous process (for wasting time and for my credit card) but there are so many beautiful pictures, blogs and products out there, I just can’t get enough of them all.

So I am starting a little intervention of my own.  I really need to stop my Instagramming Time-a-Wasting.  So each Monday I am proposing a #spreadthelovegram.  Upload any picture you want with the hashtag #AWLspreadthelovegram.  Tag your favourite top three Instagram Accounts, and then tag three of your followers or people you follow to do the same.  They can be the same people you tagged as being your favourite instagram accounts, or three entirely different people.

I will do this every Monday.  You can check out my instagram account for the first A Woman’s Lifestyle Spread the Love Gram via http://www.instagram/awomansinstalifestyle
Please feel free to join in too!  You can do this each week as well or you can just wait until you are tagged again, as a fave account, or to send out your faves again.

What better way to start the working week than to look at beautiful Instagram pages.  I think I’m onto something here…  :)


Website Love: We LOVE Lil Pickles!

It’s time to spread some love, and this website deserves more than a little feature in my Weekly Wrap.

I was so excited to have a little boy, as ever since I was little I always wanted to have a boy first.  Shopping for boys these days isn’t what it used to be, as there is more variety and you can get some really cute pieces, and I really enjoyed dressing my little man in the latest clothes, or making him into a mini version of his Daddy.

And then I had a girl – and a whole new world of fashion opened up before eyes!  Accessories were no longer hats and shoes, but hair clips, head bands, bows, fedora’s, sun hats, fascinators, sandals, ballet slippers and boots, frilly socks and leg warmers.

And you can find all this on the stunning Lil Pickles website!  It is heaven for a Mum with a little girl in her life, or for Aunties to shop up a storm, which I also did!

Lil Pickles is an online store dedicated to absolutely GORGEOUS handmade items for your little ones.  Sizes range from newborn (including prem) right up to toddlers and even older boys and girls.  The hair accessories are drool worthy and the other items will make you ooo and ahhhh like you are at a baby shower!  They make beautiful gifts, or a great excuse to spoil yourself and your little ones, it is a site to bookmark.  Even if it’s just to gasp at how beautiful the creator’s little girls are – their picture is on the home page.  Have you ever seen such beautiful little girls in your life!?

I placed an order recently and was blown away by the service.  The website was easy to use, the response was immediate, and then when the items actually arrived it was like Christmas.  Every item is in quality condition.  Take a look at just some of the items you can purchase…


Every girl needs a Lil Pickles Fedora for Summer :)


My little girl wearing her new Lil Pickles headband!


The happy cloud cushion makes me happy and brightens up Ellie’s nursery. I am excited to move her cot out of our bedroom and into her room, so I can decorate it with this.


The most gorgeous shoes, and tiny little hair clips… Getting excited for Ellie’s hair to grow!

Judd Hat

Judd loving his new hat. Spunk!

Make sure you check out their website –

Perfect to shop up a storm just as Christmas starts appearing around the corner.

You can become a fan on Facebook here.

Lil Pickles will also be at the Baby and Kids Market at Warwick Leisure Centre – Tomorrow!  October 26th.  Details can be found here.

Happy Shopping :)

Pregnancy & Birth

So many people will say that if you have two different pregnancies that means different sex babies.  Others believe it will mean the same sex babies.  Great theories.  And then you go for a third.  What does that mean?  If I have the same pregnancy as my two others which resulted in two different sex babies then I must be having a…  Yup the theories DON’T work (and become wayyyyyy confusing!)

Every pregnancy is different.  Yours, Mine, and My First Pregnancy to the Second.  I thought it would be interesting to look at the similarities and differences of both experiences.

Judd -
Pregnant April 2012 to January 2013
Mum 25 years old to 26 years old throughout
Born at 40 weeks +3

Eloise -
Pregnant December 2013 to September 2014
Mum 27 years old to 28 years old throughout
Born at 39 weeks

First Trimester

Judd – Felt queasy in the mornings, but could usually eat a banana to make me feel better.  Couldn’t take Elevit first thing, only after food.  Had a migraine every Monday, the start of a new week in my pregnancy.  Felt like I made it my and my husband’s life mission to find Mangoes.  I could not get enough of Mangoes!  Was eating very healthy, as I was on an organic / high protein diet at the time.
Sensitive boobs were the first sign, but all my pregnancy tests were negative!  It wasn’t until I went to the doctor to tell her how off I was feeling, that they took a blood test and told me I was pregnant, so we found out at 7 weeks!
My Hair!  I got all baby hairs all around my head, it was so hard to not look windswept 24/7!
First trimester scan – nub theory turned out to be correct!

Eloise – Felt very nauseas all day, and couldn’t keep much down until my ob subscribed me zofran – the miracle drug!  After taking this I was still feeling nauseas but I could eat!  I lost quite a few kgs in those first weeks.  Survived on hangover food.  Gross, but it was all I could keep down, even with the Zofran.
My skin broke out.
My first sign was that I could feel my heart beat throughout my whole body.  This is very difficult to describe, but as an example, you can see your heart beat if you look at your skin very closely…  Sounds stupid I know, but it was the same with Judd and I noticed that at 4 weeks, and took a test and it was positive!  My first positive pregnancy test – it was really really exciting!  I was convinced very early on that this was a girl, I just couldn’t imagine that it was anything else, but I quickly dismissed that as crazy pregnancy hormones.  Plus, when we thought about having another I always pictured a little boy for Judd to play with, so I felt very conflicted!
First trimester scan – nub theory turned out to be correct!


Second Trimester

Judd – Was still feeling queasy, especially if I had to stand on the train in the mornings on the way to work.  Blacked out a few times on the train.  Still having a migraine every Monday.  Crazy food cravings – eating Philadelphia cheese out of the tub, toast with avocado, peanut butter and honey.  Hated pineapple before I was pregnant, became obsessed (and still am).  Kicks were hard and fast, but occasionally a limb would be pushed up against my belly for me to rub.
We didn’t find out what we were having at the 20 week scan, but we were pretty convinced it was a boy.

Eloise – So, so tired but I enjoyed this trimester so so much.  I think because I knew the worst was over and the uncomfortableness was to come, so I loved the small-ish bump and the kicks and still being able to sleep in comfort.  Crazy food cravings – eating bacon when I hated it before.  Still like it now, or so far at least!  Obsessed with chocolate and ice-cream.
Kicks were soft and tentative.  Nice change.
We found out we were having a girl in our 20 week scan, and it was so strange knowing, but I ended up loving it.  That being said, we won’t find out if we are lucky enough to fall pregnant again.


Third Trimester

Judd – Stopped exercising at 36 weeks.  I loved my bump at this time, it was all out in front and I didn’t feel like I had packed it on too much elsewhere.  Then the 38th week hit and it went everywhere!  The kicks and movement never slowed down or became less, I still had what felt like full punches and soccer kicks, right to the last.

Eloise – It wasn’t until I got to the third trimester that I realised I hadn’t shaved my legs in a long long time, and I hadn’t noticed this – not because I’m a feral hairy monster – but because the hair had stopped growing.  Score!  Would love to know if anyone else had this?  Had a HUGE increase in energy at about 34 to 36 weeks, but was still on the whole extremely tired, all the time.  Running after Judd was so difficult, and it was sad missing out on going to play centres and parks because I just couldn’t keep up with him.
I felt like I put on weight out in front, as well as on my face, the back of my arms, I had three sets of love handles and my arse would have made Nicki Minaj jealous.  I have never had to pick up so much stuff off the floor in my life, sometimes I felt like my boys would purposely leave things on the floor so I would do 100 squats a day and be rid of that arse quicker!



Judd – My blood pressure increased in the 39th week of pregnancy, and my ob decided to monitor it closely in hospital and take the baby out before I got to the gestational hypertension stage.  Although 2cms dilated, I was induced at 40 weeks and 3 days.  I dilated another centimetre in 10 hours, and was told that if I ever dilated, there was a 90% chance they would need to use forceps and the vacuum to get the baby out.  Instead of continuing to try and wait it out with that eventuality, I opted for a caesarean, and from there it all happened quickly, and I was absolutely rapt with the experience in the end.

Eloise – As I hadn’t waited two years before falling pregnant again, my ob recommended another c-section.  Knowing the date the baby would be born was weird, and it was very weird going to hospital feeling fine and well.  I didn’t enjoy the experience as much, the epidural got stuck and had to be put back in three times, and I was overly anxious about how my firstborn was coping and wanting to be home with him.  Loved that we weren’t exhausted though, had a full night’s sleep the night before and it was over in 30 minutes!

Would love to know about your experiences, symptoms and crazy cravings in your pregnancies and births!  Everyone is different, and I love hearing your stories!!  I have had completely different babies too, not just to do with their sex but their temperament.  Maybe that’s another blog post in a few months time…

Fashion Fix: The Kimono

imageOk so I am not back to weight I would like yet, and my boobs may be beyond UGE (but let’s say it’s only been five weeks and I’m enjoying eating a variety of food while I am breastfeeding so I don’t care!) but I had to take a picture of my new Jeanswest outfit. Love the print of the #kimono, they sell this print in a maxi and play suit too… And I just think the kimono top for spring is PERFECT wear for breastfeeding Mummies! There isn’t much you can wear while breastfeeding that is nice but I’m feeling nice-ish (sans stomach and boobs!) for the first time in a while. Hit me up with your fave kimono’s of the season please!! I think I need some more :)

Jeanswest is actually the best shop out at the moment for Mummy-wear (in my opinion), but to prove it, they just won for the second year in a row, the Mother and Baby Fashion Brand of the Year! Get shopping!