Recipe – Impressive & Simple Dessert Ice-Cream

If I said you could make this dessert with chocolate, a tub of ice-cream and some seasonal fruit, would you believe me?

On close inspection, I reckon you can…  Here’s how.

1 tub Connoisseur Ice-Cream (your choice what flavour!)
1 packet of chocolate buttons / melts / choc chips or one block of chocolate
1 punnet seasonal fruits

- Melt the chocolate
- Place into a piping bag and pipe a swirl pattern onto a strip of baking paper
- Working quickly, cut (with a knife) the top and bottom end off the ice-cream container, and peel the rest of the container off the sides, and wrap the almost set chocolate swirl around the ice-cream, placing directly onto a plate and into the freezer.
- Place your fruit around the base of the ice cream and on the top, as shown in the picture.

Hubby and I made the honeycomb, although that wasn’t so easy as the rest :)

But I delivered right?  Impressive and simple?

My inspiration was taken from Anna Gare, and her Strawberries and Cointreau Ice-Cream Recipe.

Weekly Wrap

My name is Lauren and it’s been 5 MONTH since my last Weekly Wrap. EEEEK! I have forgotten how, so bear with me here…  Would love to hear what has made your week, and what you’ve been clicking, reading, making and creating!


The amount of sleep I have had. For a fortnight now, my child has slept through the night. I am human again!

Currently Clicking

Hubby introduced me to this and I’m going to buy it for him for Christmas. Dollar Shave Club is a monthly service where they send you a razor each month. When men can be hard to buy for, I thought this was kinda cool.

I wish I had enough time to read as much as I want to, between magazines, books, website articles and blogs. This is next on my to do list.

Something funny for your Friday, is this gorgeous little toddler running around impersonating his pregnant Mummy. I totally relate to this as my little man cannot get off the floor without groaning like his heavily pregnant Mummy!

I loved this article on Essential Baby on early Motherhood being the best years of our life. I totally agree.

This Friendship letter to my Girlfriends. I just feel like every Mother could read this and feel as though she wrote it? Via

Blog Love

Totally about to devour the articles on – check out this website – isn’t it beautiful! Can’t wait. Someone make me a cuppa :)


This month I start making dinners to freeze in preparation for life with a newborn. In addition I want to make mini raspberry and white choc brulee cheesecakes, a lime and lemon meringue pie, snickers croissants and brioche. So stay posted, coz I will let you know how they go and post the recipes for you to try as well :)

Definitely want to make this Blueberry Dutch Baby Pancake for my little baby who is blueberry obsessed! Taken via the Blog Averie Cooks.

Fashion Fix

Her & I make kids and adult leggings. Matching. To die! I can’t wait to buy these for me and my little girl!

Product Love

Currently checking out the Minimonkey Minichair. To all the Mummies out there, what do you think of this product?

Recommending Reads

I am slowwwwwly reading Zoe Foster’s The Wrong Girl.  Have you read it?  What did you think?




Wish List Wednesday

So my Mum was asking after my birthday list the other day, and I thought what a great time to get back into Wish List Wednesday!

There really isn’t much I want at the moment.  We have been de-cluttering the house since changing our spare bedroom into our nursery, and trying to minimise what we have.  By going through all our things I was reminded just how lucky we are, there really isn’t anything I want or need!  But here is the wish list anyway!

Wish List Wednesday

#1. To get a full head of hair done.  Hubby wants me back to blonde so this is my birthday present from him.  SO EXCITED!  It’s been 9 months since my last colour!  This image was taken from Pinterest.
#2. Kora Organics Foaming Cleanser and the Purifying Day and Night Cream.  This stuff is amazing for my skin and all organic, something I wouldn’t spend on myself and would love to have…
#3. Hippie Chick Floppy Hat from Sportsgirl.  And it’s on special!!
#4. I make Quirky Cooking recipes already, but I know there are extra’s in her new thermomix cookbook that didn’t go onto her blog.  I would LOVE this cookbook!  This picture has been taken from the Retro Mummy blog which I love!
#5. The next book in the Outlander Series, Written in my Own Heart’s Blood, by Diana Gabaldon.  Can’t wait to get lost in this one.

What are you wanting right now?

Tracking My Babies Growth – Month Eighteen

6 and 18 months

I wasn’t going to do anymore of these updates until Judd turned 2, but we have had such a big month and so much has happened since my last update that I wanted to record it…


- Judd is 87 cms tall and between 12 to 13 kgs.
– Still fitting into size 1 clothes, size 0’s are too tight unless they have the buttons around his neck.
- Now sleeps through the night, settling really well, and one nap during the day for a few hours.  This has been happening for a short time, but enough that I feel refreshed and human again.  If I wasn’t pregnant I know life would be back to normal.
- Judd has been saying so much, the amount he understands and can say really amazes us.  Lately he will tell us that he wants to do things – ‘I hold it,’ ‘I drive the car’, ‘I stir the eggs’.  If i ask him to help make eggs, he will say ‘helping!’ Then bosses me about the kitchen.  ‘eggs, milk, butter, bowl, mix!’ The other morning Thomas the Tank Engine came on, and as soon as Judd heard the toot of the engine he yelled ‘Thomas!!’  I love the personality that really shines through so much more now that he can speak as well.  He will joke with us and tell us that he is being ‘funny.’  I can sing ‘Old McDonald Had a Farm’ with him, and he will fill in the animal and the animal noise for me.  The other night McDonald had a cow on his farm, then a puppy, a pig and a camera!  Love the imagination. Even with books he has made connections, we read him a book called ‘The Wrong Book’ which is about a little boy called Nicholas Ickle.  If we ask Judd if he wants to read this particular story, he will say ‘Nickle Yeah!’ which is a shortening of the boy’s name.  Almost like JLo.  He’s very hip!  It’s so nice that he doesn’t get upset that we aren’t understanding any jibberish either, it’s great to have really missed that step that can be so frustrating for them.
- We have had eight teeth come through in the past two months which has been very, very hard, especially as his Daddy was away for the worst part of that time.  Eight teeth and severe separation anxiety meant no sleep for Mum for a bit over a week.
- Really loves wearing hats, will go put on a kangol or a trucker hat on his own to wear for the day.
- Really enjoys talking on the phone and driving in his car.  I was at the shops talking to his Daddy on the phone, and Judd was also talking to his Daddy with his snack box to his ear.  Such a long story, so funny to watch him in action.
- Is OBSESSED with cars and cooking.  His Dad got a new car, and Judd definitely thinks it’s his.  He will sit for hours playing with the buttons and exploring.  Will also get out all of my baking equipment, and pretends to make cakes, cupcakes and muffins.  Given he can parrot any and every word we say, I ask him if he is making a sponge, vanilla or chocolate cake, and it’s usually a sponge or chocolate.  We are pretty convinced given his love of electronic equipment and the amount there is in a kitchen, and the level of obsession over cooking, that he will be a chef.  I’m hoping he will be making dinners for us in a few years :)
- Understands that there is a baby in my belly, and will kiss the bump.  Too beautiful for words.



Tracking My Babies Growth – Month Sixteen

This month has seen…

- Judd is 83cms tall, and 11 kgs
– Fitting into size 1 clothes, size 0’s are too tight unless they have the buttons around his neck.
– Parrots what we say.  My favourite was I Love You, but there are really too many that are gorgeous to mention.  His words are over 80+ now, I am so proud of what he can say.  He tells me if he is cold or hot even!  Clever little man.
– FOUR teeth on the way.  Ugh.  On a good night he will wake up once, but lately his teeth have been hurting him, poor little love.
– Will sleep twice a day some days, and only once others, so I think we will be transitioning to one soon.
– Obsessed with Daddoom (Daddy) and his car.  Asks to go in the car as soon as he wakes up.
– Tells knock knock jokes…  Thinks he is hilarious.  We do too.
– Loves eating dinner with us, and I love sitting down as a family whoever we can, at least 5 nights a week.
– Finally loves shoes and boots!  I wanting to head up to the shops quickly the other day, and he asked for his Shoes, and I explained to him that it would just be quick.  Judd turns to me and says, ‘Need Shoes!  Walk!’  I have been drilling it into him for months that he needs to wear his shoes if he wants to walk!
– Won’t sit still for a photo on the chair…  So I think the time has come to stop with the monthly updates, and move them to milestone birthday’s…  I will still try every month but I don’t like my chances…

This month, we found out that we are having a little GIRL in September!  We are over the moon to be getting a pink one, so this month’s couch photo was to signify Judd becoming a big brother, to his little sister.


DSC_0063 DSC_0064