Wish List Wednesday

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This isn’t my wish list, but I thought if you were struggling with gifts this close to Christmas, a few things I’ve found for other’s this year that I’ve liked, might be helpful!

#1. Priceline is selling perfume at really, really reasonable prices.  And if you need a gift for the lady in your life, perfume is always a beautiful choice!
#2. These herb pots look so sweet on your kitchen bench, don’t you think?  Via http://www.downthatlittlelane.com.au
#3. This miner’s hanging light is just cool.  I’m thinking for my husband’s shed.  Via http://www.hardtofind.com.au
#4. These whisky glasses are perfect for your brother, father, in-laws or any other classy men you may have in your life.  Via http://www.touchofmodern.com.au
#5. Yup, this is a speaker.  A really sexy speaker. Harmon Kardon Aura is its name, found via http://www.uncrate.com.au
#6. For the tweens, customise your own world map and create the travel bug early!  Via http://www.hardtofind.com.au
#7. For the new parents, this Rockii 3 in 1 rocking chair is an amazing gift.  This is a baby rocker, chair and a ride on toy.  Yup, you got to see it to believe it.
#8. This will be something I’ll be buying my little munchkin for his first birthday.  A Star Wars Calendar!  I’ve been told it’s not brain washing, its ‘proper parenting’.  From http://www.downthatlittlelane.com.au
#9. Don’t forget the oldies that are still goodies.  As my nieces get older, I’m buying the books that I read at their age.  Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone was written for 8 to 11 year olds.
#10. This Hat from Sportsgirl is perfect if you have a fashionista to buy for.
#11.Looking for something personalised?  Tinyme offer personalised puzzles in stunning designs, via http://www.tinyme.com.au

Have you noticed that Woolworths is also selling gorgeous Jamie Oliver products?  How convenient to get your Christmas Shopping done at the same time as you are organising Christmas dinner!?  And they are ridiculously well priced  Have a look at these cool products…

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Most websites are offering delivery before Christmas if you order by midnight tonight!!  Get ordering!

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